5 Steps to a Better Resume



Sell your strengths. Potential employers are looking for job candidates who possess specific skills and character.  Of course, employers want to people who can effectively perform the task at hand.  It’s very important to recognize your personal assets so you’ll know which skills and attributes will be highlighted in your resume.

For instance, let’s say that you have years of experience working with another prestigious company.  Obviously, your experience as a worker gives you the edge over other applicants. You may know this for fact because you know your own abilities but it would not be obvious to the hiring officer unless you clearly emphasize your value.

Focus on your best assets. Instead of simply saying that you’ve worked as a graphics designer for an advertising firm for 5 years, you want to state what you were able to accomplish during that span of time.  Don’t be restrictive when it comes to selling yourself.  Think of every achievement you accomplished with your previous company and include it in your resume.

Make up for what you lack. But what if you are a fresh grad with no solid job experience on your belt? This is an understandable fact for entry-level applicants.  Again, you should recognize your best assets and know how to highlight them in your resume.

Perhaps you can focus on your achievements while you were in college.  Were you a leader of academic organizations in your university? What role did you play in these organizations and how were you able to contribute your skills and qualities for your organizations success?  Did you attend seminars or conferences?  What did you learn from these seminars and how were you able to apply it in your life?  Did you volunteer in community services? These are positive experiences worth selling in your resume.

Give a specific job description.  Instead of just identifying the department that you’re applying for, specify the exact position that you want.  For example, in the desired position field, don’t just say Accounting or Bookkeeping, be more specific.  You may want to say Management of Accounts.  This way, the hiring officer would immediately know your expertise in a particular field or department.

Be mindful of keywords or key phrases applicable to your expertise especially when submitting online resume or when building your portfolio online.  Employers use specific keywords to search for potential candidates so you need to include every possible keyword to make sure that your resume will not be lost in the database.

Use powerful words.  Aside from using specific words, you must also learn how to choose strong words especially when giving job descriptions.  Indeed, strong descriptions can make a big impact as to how a potential employer perceives a candidate.  better resume

For example, do not just describe your duties in general.  Instead, be very specific. Use quantifiers to describe results.  Use compelling verbs to express what you do.  Use statements that will make it easier for the hiring officer to envision your potential as an employee.

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