Job Finder Tips for Teens

Thousands of teenagers search for jobs not only to earn money, but to gain experience and build-up their resumes. True enough, it may not always be easy to get hired especially since many companies are affected by recession. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let the recent economic slump prevent you from reaching your goals. If you need a job, consider the following reminders:

Check your schedule.
Some teens juggle at least two to three different jobs in a day. Some employers may be considering if you are still capable of handling a new commitment. Before applying for additional work or applying for an 8-hour job, seriously consider your schedule.   Continue reading “Job Finder Tips for Teens”

Newly Hired? How to Impress Your Employer

You have worked hard to prepare for your job hunt- from writing a good resume and good cover letter, to practicing the interviews and now that you are hired, does this mean you can take it easy from here on? If you want to keep the job or to get a good recommendation, then you are for your next challenge- giving an impressive job performance.

The Probationary Period

New hires go though the probationary phase which can last from two to three months. During this period, you need to show the boss that hiring you was not a mistake. This is your chance to prove that you deserve to stay with the company. Continue reading “Newly Hired? How to Impress Your Employer”

Top 5 Part Time Jobs For Teens

Teenagers have a wide variety of opportunities waiting for them in the job market. Yes, even during recession, these top part time 5 jobs are always available especially for young people who want to make a living on their own.

Retail Store Attendant. Boutiques and department stores are often on the look-out for additional workers such as store attendant, clerk, crew or window display artists.  Take a stroll around your community and see for possible openings. Some local shops do not advertise their job vacancies in newspapers or online. Don’t be afraid to walk in and ask if they are hiring or if they will be hiring in the coming months. Continue reading “Top 5 Part Time Jobs For Teens”

Stable Job Markets Despite Recession

There is no doubt that recession is here to stay a bit longer. Nevertheless, there are specific industries that are seemed to be just slightly affected by recession. Below are recession-proof careers that you may consider when looking for a job:

Teachers. Do you have a passion for teaching? A career in education is a promising one. Depending on your expertise, you can teach children, high school, college, or even post-graduate students. Even with the struggling economy, people will still need education to survive. Continue reading “Stable Job Markets Despite Recession”

Tips for Getting a Part-Time Job This Season Break

Summer vacation is also the perfect time to find part time work especially for students in high school and college.What are the summer jobs that are in store for you?  Where can you find them part time work and how can you increase your chance of getting hired?

Summer Job Options for Teens

The great news is that unlike permanent positions in corporate companies, part time jobs are abundant. You can check restaurants, fast food chains, malls, boutiques and smaller establishments in your community for possible openings. If there are hotels and resorts, golf clubs and recreation parks in your locality, they often hire additional workers during peak seasons. Continue reading “Tips for Getting a Part-Time Job This Season Break”