Do’s and Don’ts When Creating Your Resume

Your resume represents you as an applicant so it’s important that it sends out a professional and positive impression to your employer. Below are the DO’s and the Don’ts when creating a resume:


Do focus on the results you achieved. When describing your previous work, it will be better to focus on the positive results rather than your responsibilities. For instance, instead of putting “In charge of training personnel on software applications,” you can put, “Trained 20 people to use AutoCAD and Photoshop 2007 within 2 months.”

Do place your name and contact details on top. There is no need to indicate the Heading “Name” and “Address” and it helps your potential employer to easily remember your name and know where to reach right away.

Do emphasize on the skills that are needed for the position you want. If you are applying for the position of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, you may include your typing speed, your knowledge in HTML or CSS and other programming languages, your knowledge in web designing, the languages you can speak (if you know other languages aside from English), your knowledge in MS Word, etc. It is completely irrelevant to include your driving skills or guitar skills so leave them out.

Do include a professional cover letter with your resume. Your cover letter is where you can make a better introduction of yourself, the position you are applying for, and why the employer should hire you.

Do use a quality paper. Although it may cost a little more, a resume written in quality paper instantly gives it a cleaner, more professional look. Make sure that there are no creases, folds or stains as well.

Do proofread your resume and cover letter before submission. Errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation marks can easily stand out. Even a single error can make you look unprofessional. It also shows your lack of precision for the smallest details.


Do not fill with too many personal facts. Your personal details are important but you don’t have to fill out half of your resume with this information. Include only information that has relevance to the job you are seeking. For instance, you don’t have to include your parents’ names, their profession, your nationality, nor physical attributes such as height, weight, eye color, blood type, allergies, etc.

Do not overdo your previous job descriptions. While you want to impress an employer about your duties and activities from your previous work, make sure you don’t overdo it. Don’t fill out your resume page with too much of the same information. If you have more than 15 years of employment history, it is completely unnecessary to include a detailed job description of more than the last three to four companies you’ve worked with.

Do not use all caps, even for headings. If you want to emphasize a section heading, use a bold font instead. Do not use a quirky e-mail account name. Email addresses such as cutiepie33, dreamygirl, gothchick, and other similar account names make you look unprofessional and may even send out a negative impression.

Do not submit photocopies. First, it is very unprofessional and second, it gives the impression that you have been submitting job applications to many different companies but still you’re not hired.

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