Finding the job tips to improve your chances of getting hired and get the job that you want!

How to Find the Right Job Online

Job seekers today can look for opportunities, not just in newspapers and magazines, but from the internet as well.  In fact, many fresh college grads have successfully landed on their dream jobs without doing walk-ins or sending their resume through … Continue reading

How to Get a Job in a Tough Market

There might be problems with the economy and the employment market is not as welcoming as it used to be.  Nevertheless, your success in getting a job will still depend on your effort and strategy.  On this post, let us … Continue reading

How to Be an Aggressive Job Seeker

Searching for job opportunities today can prove to be much tougher than it was the past years.  With the ever-increasing competition in the market, you won’t be able to get hired if you will remain passive.  As a job seeker, … Continue reading

Essential Salary Tips for Fresh Grads

If you have just graduated or about to graduate college this year, congratulations! You have achieved a wonderful accomplishment! No doubt, you have high hopes to land on your dream job and enjoy the compensation you deserve. If you have … Continue reading

Get That Dream Job Despite Lack of Skills and Experience

If you want to be part of a specific industry but do not have the skills or the experience required to get hired for the top positions, don’t be afraid to start from the bottom and work your way up … Continue reading

How to Get the Job and the Salary You Want

Now that you’re getting ready to be hired for your first job, perhaps you are thinking about how you can get the job and the salary you want. In this article, we present tips on how you can enjoy the … Continue reading

How to Land On Your Dream Job

Finding a job today can be one of the most challenging tasks particularly if your field of expertise belong to that with a high rate of competition.  Is it still possible to get the position you desire despite the tough … Continue reading

Searching the Market for Entry Level Jobs

If you are nearing your college graduation or have just earned your college degree, the next step is to look for employment.  However, searching for entry level jobs may not always be so easy especially if you graduated from a … Continue reading

How to Make the Most of Your Employment

Having a job is an opportunity that must not be taken for granted. How can you make the most from your employment? In this article, let’s discuss smart steps that you can do to truly benefit from your job. Be … Continue reading

Job Finding Tips in 2010

The year 2010 is almost here and if you plan to start your job hunt by January, consider the following strategies: Check your network. Ask all the people you know – relatives, friends, and acquaintances for possible recommendations. Let them … Continue reading

Practical Tips on Finding a Job Online

Many job seekers use the internet to find vacancies and know which companies they can submit applications to. There are a number of websites where you can simply post your resume online and wait for an interview schedule. However, with … Continue reading

How to Find Your First Job After College

Each year, thousands of young graduates submit their resumes to different companies in the hopes of getting hired. Are you awaiting a call for an interview from a prospective employer? Have you been waiting for a longer time than you … Continue reading

Job Finder Tips for Teens

Thousands of teenagers search for jobs not only to earn money, but to gain experience and build-up their resumes. True enough, it may not always be easy to get hired especially since many companies are affected by recession. Nevertheless, you … Continue reading

Newly Hired? How to Impress Your Employer

You have worked hard to prepare for your job hunt- from writing a good resume and good cover letter, to practicing the interviews and now that you are hired, does this mean you can take it easy from here on? … Continue reading

Use Your Student Job Experience to Enhance Your Resume

If you are a college student, taking in part time jobs during school breaks is another great way to prepare yourself for the future. Yes, those hourly work you do working in your local deli, boutique or department store can … Continue reading

Top 5 Part Time Jobs For Teens

Teenagers have a wide variety of opportunities waiting for them in the job market. Yes, even during recession, these top part time 5 jobs are always available especially for young people who want to make a living on their own. … Continue reading

Stable Job Markets Despite Recession

There is no doubt that recession is here to stay a bit longer. Nevertheless, there are specific industries that are seemed to be just slightly affected by recession. Below are recession-proof careers that you may consider when looking for a … Continue reading

Tips for Getting a Part-Time Job This Season Break

Summer vacation is also the perfect time to find part time work especially for students in high school and college.What are the summer jobs that are in store for you?  Where can you find them part time work and how … Continue reading

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