How Long Should Your Resume Be?

Some experts advise against submitting very lengthy resumes, limiting the number of pages to one or two.  Nevertheless, before you start cutting off your own resume’s length, there are some things that you need to consider.

Don’t think about the pages.  In fact, a one-page resume may not always be ideal especially unless you do not any relevant information to include in your portfolio.  Don’t try to omit details just so you can limit the document to one page or two pages.

Remember your purpose for submitting a resume.  You want a potential employer to see that you are a qualified candidate for the job.  Depending on the position you are applying for, you may need to include more information in your resume to convince the hiring officer that you deserve to get hired.  So instead of worrying about the number of pages of your resume, you should focus on the value of the information that each page contains.

Use your experience to your advantage. Fresh grads may not have much to include under the Employment History section.  On the other hand, if this would be your second or third time to apply for a job, then you should learn how to use your previous experiences to your advantage.

how long should resume beIn the Employment History section, you should use the extra space to define your duties and accomplishments from your former company.  Do not be restrictive in giving out descriptions. You want to be very specific about the tasks that you were given and how were able to contribute to your company’s success.

It’s true that you should always highlight the results of your hard work. But rather than just go straight to the results, why not include the most important details of the process.  How were you able to come up with such great results?  What is your motivation?

This is your chance to be proud of your achievements particularly if you have handled projects or if you have been assigned to lead a team.  Obviously, the more accomplishments you can think, the more impressive your resume would be.

Don’t make up stories.  It’s very important to be honest in everything that you do.  Hence, you should never try to make up stories or include false information in your resume just to make it longer or more impressive.

Even if you get hired because you lied in your resume, your employer would find out about your dishonesty sooner or later and such a wrong move can backfire on you.  What if you don’t have employment history or experience on the field that you are applying for?

One way to make up for the lack of experience is to think about your achievements while you were in college.  Were you a member of school organizations? What role did you play and how were you able to contribute to the organization’s success?  It’s very important to think activities that you have participated in so you can show qualities that make you a strong candidate despite the inexperience.

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