How To Make A Resume

The HR department often receives a large bulk of resumes from aspiring applicants.  If you want to get hired for the job, you need to make sure that your resume will get noticed.  Are there rules that you should know?  Listed below are practical tips on how to make a resume:

Make it readable. Stay away from font styles that make it difficult to read the text.  You do not want to give the hiring officer a hard time trying to figure out what’s written on the document.  Typically, Times New Roman and Arial are the font styles used in written business communications.  Of course you can choose other styles as long as it will be easy to read.  As for the font size, 10 or 12 points is often used in written business communications.

Include a cover letter. Your resume must always be accompanied with a cover letter or a job application letter.  Your cover letter gives you the chance to formally introduce yourself and to invite the hiring officer to evaluate your resume more closely.

MyFirstJobSite | Find the Job that You Want - How to make a resumeKnow the details of your resume. See to it that you know the exact details you’ve included in your resume.  Carefully review your resume before the actual interview as the interviewer may clarify some information in it.  If there is a difference between your answer and what is printed in your resume, a hiring officer may doubt your truthfulness.  It is a good idea to bring along an extra copy of your resume during the interview so you can give out accurate answers when it comes to figures, years, and other numerical details

Arrange sections according to importance. Place the most impressive section on top of your resume so that it will be the first thing to get the hiring officer’s attention.  If you do not have previous job experiences, it’s a good idea to begin with your best skills and achievements.

Emphasize your strongest points. You should know well what your personal strengths are.  In creating descriptions for your training experiences or employment history, your strongest points should be clearly emphasized.  You can do this by using strong action words and using the active style versus the passive style of writing statements.  Don’t forget to include the positive or the good results of your actions.

Make it just the right length. How many pages should your resume be?  This will depend on the information you need to include.  Ideally, you would want to make your resume at least two pages.  While some experts recommend a single page resume, the information you can place in one page may not be enough to impress a hiring officer.  It would seem that you do not have enough skills or achievements to fill one page.

Proofread your resume before printing. Before printing out your resume, check it ten times to make sure that there are no typographical or grammatical errors.  Have another person double check the correctness of your resume because you could miss out on your own mistakes.  Even a single error in your resume can make it look bad in the eyes of a hiring officer.  It shows your lack of precision for the small details which is an extremely important attitude that employers are looking for.

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