How to Perform A Better Job

To ensure employment stability, a worker must always give his/her best in whatever job he/she does.  Being good with what you do is not enough.  To survive in a competitive world, you must strive to be better.  Check out the following tips on how you can enhance your performance:

Avoid tardiness.  Make sure that you can arrive at least 15 minutes before your shift starts. Thus, you can have sufficient time to get ready before you begin with your tasks.  Nothing is worse than an employee who often comes late to work.  No excuse will be good enough to justify frequent tardiness.

Dress professionally.  Your clothes do not need to be expensive as long as they are clean, neatly pressed, and appropriate for work.  How you dress up can make a big difference on how other people perceive you.  You want to exude confidence and professionalism not only with how you act and speak, but on how you present yourself as well.

Don’t be afraid to ask.  If there is something that you do not understand or if the rules are not clear, don’t be afraid to make a clarification or ask questions.  Of course, this does not mean you should be overly-dependent on your superior, asking even the simplest tasks that you need to do.  However, don’t pretend that you know everything only to cause trouble later on.

Observe work ethics. All employees must become aware and practice proper work etiquette.  This includes being punctual, showing respect to your superiors and colleagues, answering business calls, responding to business emails, etc.

Don’t be a slacker.  Your employer expects you to be productive and give your one hundred percent.  If you work for eight hours, see to it you are spending every minute of your shift to do the tasks that you are assigned to do. Don’t try to pass time, taking things slowly, when you can know very well that you can do a better job.

Lend a hand. Once you are done with your tasks, consider lending a helping hand to a co-worker who needs assistance.  Doing good to others will not only improve your work relationships, it is also a great way to improve your image.

Don’t mix personal and business.  See to it that your friends and family do not call you during work hours unless it is important.  Don’t waste time chatting online or talking over the phone about your personal affairs.  Avoid checking your personal email especially when a pile of work is waiting to get done.  If you really need to check your personal email or call someone, then do it during your lunch break.

Do not gossip. Making up stories or gossiping about other people’s lives will only get you into trouble.  Whether you are the one talking or simply listening to someone’s story, it’s best to avoid such non-sense talks with co-workers.  If the topic is not up-building or will not improve you as a worker or person in any way, don’t waste your time and energy participating.

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