Job Finder Tips for Teens

Thousands of teenagers search for jobs not only to earn money, but to gain experience and build-up their resumes. True enough, it may not always be easy to get hired especially since many companies are affected by recession. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let the recent economic slump prevent you from reaching your goals. If you need a job, consider the following reminders:

Check your schedule.
Some teens juggle at least two to three different jobs in a day. Some employers may be considering if you are still capable of handling a new commitment. Before applying for additional work or applying for an 8-hour job, seriously consider your schedule.  

Consider your transportation. A lot of teens do not have their own cars and this can limit their options for a job. It is not smart to apply for a job where the workplace is not easily accessible. Of course, you cannot always ask your parents to drive you. If this is your first job hunt, you may want to scout for available jobs in your community or a nearby city.

Consider what you love. When scouting for job availability, try to look for jobs that match with your skills, ability and personality. For instance, if you naturally love people, perhaps you may consider a career in marketing or sales. Doing tasks that you can enjoy at the same time will add to your motivation and enhance your performance.

Do not underestimate part time jobs. If you’re still in college, getting into part time jobs will nurture your skills, knowledge and sense of responsibility. First hand job experiences will also train you in how to better deal with different people and how to manage time. Including those short job stints in your resume will surely give you the edge once you graduate.

Don’t give up.
Looking for a job requires time and effort. Sometimes, a prospective employer may not give you a call for an interview at the time you expected. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get right away.

Be persistent.
Do follow ups by calling the companies where you have submitted applications. Do not be embarrassed to do follow up calls as it shows your genuine interest and enthusiasm.

Do walk-ins.
Aside from sending in your application through mail, why not do some walk-ins yourself. There may be shops, diners or establishments in your locality that are in need of workers. Small companies may not advertise job openings in newspapers or online.  Always be prepared for an instant interview. Dress appropriately and see to it that you’re ready to answer job interview questions.

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