Job Finding Tips in 2010

The year 2010 is almost here and if you plan to start your job hunt by January, consider the following strategies:

Check your network. Ask all the people you know – relatives, friends, and acquaintances for possible recommendations. Let them know that you are in search of a job. They might hear about a certain job opening and give you notice right away.

Submit an impressive resume. When submitting resumes to different companies, see to it that each one is created specifically for that particular employer. Pay special attention to details.  Be precise in defining your objectives. Never send photocopies of your resume to all companies you intent to apply for.

Always include a cover letter. Some applicants overlook the importance of presenting a cover letter. Remember that the cover letter is your chance to make a formal introduction of yourself and your interest in joining the company. It is a well-written cover letter that can convince a hiring officer to take a closer look at your resume and consider you for an interview schedule.

Always be ready. Always have a copy of your resume with you at all times. You never know if you would meet someone who can help you out or where you will see a job opening posted. When showing up for your interview, make sure that you also have a copy of the resume you submitted.

Monitor the results of your job hunt. If you sent applications to different companies, it is recommended that you keep track of the details. List down the name of company, the date you sent the resume, any response you received and other important information. Checking your notes will help you in following up the status of your applications.

Do follow ups. If you do not receive a call from the company, it strongly recommended that you follow up the status of your application. Be polite in making your inquiry. This will show your genuine interest on the job.

Practice the interview. Anticipate possible questions that a hiring office may ask during the interview. You can do research on this from the internet. Try to answer the questions as positively as possible. Be straightforward in giving your answers.

Listen carefully to the question so you can give the best answer. If you missed it the first time, don’t hesitate to ask the interviewer to repeat what was asked.

Never lie. Never include false information in your resume or make up stories during the interview just to impress a potential employer. Using lies may only get you into trouble and ruin your chances of getting hired.

Be up to date. Read newspapers, news on the internet, and other professional publications. Being knowledgeable with the current issues or events can give you the edge over your competitors as it shows your attentiveness and thirst for knowledge.

Use a professional email address. When providing contact details, do not use email accounts that would make you look immature or unprofessional. Save email addresses like cutiepie2010, sweetbear33 and the likes for sending messages to your personal network only.

Create a professional social networking account. You can actually use Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can to ease your job search. Just be sure to create a separate account that you will use for your professional contacts only.

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