How to Get a Job in a Tough Market

There might be problems with the economy and the employment market is not as welcoming as it used to be.  Nevertheless, your success in getting a job will still depend on your effort and strategy.  On this post, let us take a look at the steps you can do to get hired despite the obstacles you may face: Continue reading

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How to Get Your Cover Letter Noticed

What is the key to getting your cover letter noticed by a potential employer?  Consider the following points to ponder: Continue reading

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How to Prepare Yourself for a Job Interview

If you will be going for a job interview for the first time, there are certain tips that you should be aware of to fully prepare yourself. Making the necessary efforts to prepare yourself will not only make you feel more confident as the day approaches but also have a bigger chance to impress your interviewer. Here are tips that you can practice before the day of your interview: Continue reading

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The Difference Between Good and Bad Resumes

Is there really such a thing as a good resume and a bad resume?  In order to get hired for a job, you must be able to pass the job interview.  However, in order for you to get called for an interview, you must first submit your resume along with a cover letter.  Continue reading

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6 Office Email Etiquette to Remember

Using the electronic messaging system or e-mail for work is different from personal use.  Sending the wrong email message may cause trouble or may even get you fired.  In this article, we present six office email etiquette everyone should remember:

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How to Be an Aggressive Job Seeker

Searching for job opportunities today can prove to be much tougher than it was the past years.  With the ever-increasing competition in the market, you won’t be able to get hired if you will remain passive.  As a job seeker, you need aggressively face the three stages of the employment process.  Continue reading

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Why is A Cover Letter Important?

If you want to get hired by your dream company, you will surely do everything in your power to get noticed and make the best impression.  Some job seekers make the mistake of sending out resumes to potential employers without a cover letter.  Unless you are doing walk-in application, you should never send your resume through post mail or email without a cover letter.

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