Tips for Getting a Part-Time Job This Season Break

Summer vacation is also the perfect time to find part time work especially for students in high school and college.What are the summer jobs that are in store for you?  Where can you find them part time work and how can you increase your chance of getting hired?

Summer Job Options for Teens

The great news is that unlike permanent positions in corporate companies, part time jobs are abundant. You can check restaurants, fast food chains, malls, boutiques and smaller establishments in your community for possible openings. If there are hotels and resorts, golf clubs and recreation parks in your locality, they often hire additional workers during peak seasons.Read More »Tips for Getting a Part-Time Job This Season Break

Do’s and Don’ts When Creating Your Resume

Your resume represents you as an applicant so it’s important that it sends out a professional and positive impression to your employer. Below are the DO’s and the Don’ts when creating a resume:


Do focus on the results you achieved. When describing your previous work, it will be better to focus on the positive results rather than your responsibilities. For instance, instead of putting “In charge of training personnel on software applications,” you can put, “Trained 20 people to use AutoCAD and Photoshop 2007 within 2 months.”Read More »Do’s and Don’ts When Creating Your Resume

How to Nail Your First Job Interview

Showing up for your first interview can be one of the most intimidating experiences for job seekers. How can you build up your confidence and how can you make a good impression?  Here are some tips:

Be yourself.
Putting on an act will only make you feel more tense and uncomfortable. Don’t give yourself a hard time by trying to be someone you’re not.  Read More »How to Nail Your First Job Interview