Searching the Market for Entry Level Jobs

If you are nearing your college graduation or have just earned your college degree, the next step is to look for employment.  However, searching for entry level jobs may not always be so easy especially if you graduated from a competitive field.

Of course, it is always worth the effort to ask assistance from your university or college’s career office.  Take full advantage of the free assistance that your school offers.  Personally meet with the career counsellor so you can be guided accordingly as to how you can improve your chances of getting hired by the company you prefer.  A career counsellor will also be able to help you out in doing the necessary preparations in applying for a job such as getting ready for the job interview, creating a resume and cover letter, etc.

Another great resource that you can run to is the Department of Labor in your local state.  This branch of the government is especially created to assist job seekers. From their office, you can learn job opportunities or up-coming job fairs that you can prepare for.  You can also speak with the Department’s career counsellor if you need advice related to employment.

Searching the Market for Entry Level JobsOf course, you can always check local newspaper job listings for companies that are hiring.  However, some employers do not advertise through the media to cut the unnecessary expense.  They may post job ads right from their locations or at public places where people can easily see them.  This is why it’s also a good idea to do walk-in applications.  Spend time visiting companies in your city and be ready to make personal inquiries.

What about online resources?  Of course, it’s always the try to check out online job listings.  You can also post your resume on these sites for employers who use the internet to seek potential workers.  Many graduates seeking entry level jobs were successfully hired by their dream companies through job search websites.  Just make sure that you use the right keywords to make easier for employers to find you.

Nonetheless, do not just focus on online resources. Because it is convenient to post a resume online and to browse for available jobs online, you can expect huge competition as well.  If you really want to get a job, you should not rely on job search websites alone.  Instead, you should also use your time in checking out other possible resources as mentioned above.

How about using the time off to learn new skills or consider a different career path?  Some graduates from highly competitive fields choose to take a year off to earn a certificate in a related field where there is a higher rate of job opportunities.  In fact, many have decided to take an entirely new career path where there is a higher demand of job opportunities.

Whichever you decide, what’s important is to have the determination.  Although it will not be so easy, you should be ready to exert your time and effort in searching the job market for that dream job.

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