Time Tested Resume Writing Tips for Job Seekers

Are you planning to look for a job any time soon?  If yes, the first step that you should do is to prepare your job resume.  In this article, we present time-tested tips on how to create a resume that will get you noticed.

Sell yourself. You should fill your resume with your accomplishments and not be afraid to talk about your best skills.  Keep in mind that a potential employer is especially interested to learn about your strongest points and how you can help the company succeed.  Therefore, you should recognize your personal strengths and present it in a way that will get the hiring officer’s attention.

Be truthful.  Make sure that all information you include in your resume is true and correct.  Do not include false details just to make your resume impressive.  Lying about your background and achievements will only get you into trouble later on.

Make it concise. Although you want your resume to be complete, you do not want to clutter it with irrelevant details.  If a certain detail has nothing to do with the position you are applying for or does not highlight your potential as an employee, then best omit it from your resume.

Enclose a cover letter. It is always professional to introduce yourself and your intent to the recruitment officer by means of a cover letter.  This advice is applicable whether you are submitting your resume online or though post mail.

Avoid idle time. If you have been in-between jobs for a few months, you should still indicate in your resume how you spent this period of unemployment productively.  If a potential employer notices that it has been 6 months since your last job and your resume does not say what you did during this time, it may send out the impression that you are a lazy person.  For instance, you may include the seminars or trainings you have completed while out of work.

Begin with the most interesting details. It is not necessary to always begin your resume the Personal Information section.  Since recruitment officers are most interested in what you have to offer, it is more effective to begin the resume with the section where you can highlight your strong points.  For instance, if you are a fresh grad and lacks the experience required for the position, why not begin your resume with your accomplishments while you’re in college?

Check for errors.  Never submit your resume without proofreading or checking it for possible errors.  If your resume contains typographical and grammatical errors, it will surely create a negative impression about you.  If you can have someone else proofread your resume, then it is better since another person is more likely to spot errors more easily than the one who made it.

Use a clear format. Skip the use of decorative fonts since reading can prove to be difficult with this kind of formatting. You do not want to give the hiring officer a difficult time understanding what is printed on your resume.  Times New Roman and Arial are the most widely used font in the business world and it has been tried and tested to be effective.

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