Tips for Getting a Part-Time Job This Season Break

Summer vacation is also the perfect time to find part time work especially for students in high school and college.What are the summer jobs that are in store for you?  Where can you find them part time work and how can you increase your chance of getting hired?

Summer Job Options for Teens

The great news is that unlike permanent positions in corporate companies, part time jobs are abundant. You can check restaurants, fast food chains, malls, boutiques and smaller establishments in your community for possible openings. If there are hotels and resorts, golf clubs and recreation parks in your locality, they often hire additional workers during peak seasons.

Aside from your local newspaper, you can search the internet for online jobs or contractual projects. If you have skills in writing or web designing, there are many internet marketers who are in need of freelancers to help them promote their businesses.
How to Get Hired for the Job

Start your search only. Don’t wait until summer starts before scouting for job openings. You can send out resumes as early as three or four weeks before school ends. Although some companies do not advertise in advance, you can call them up and ask if they will be hiring on summer.

Stand out from the competition. Many students want to earn additional income so expect tough competition. Submit a well-written resume and cover letter. Practice for the coming interview.  Hone your skills even while classes are still on-going.

Be persistent. You may need to submit a number of resumes to different employers before you can find the right one. But don’t give up. If you do your preparations and work hard for it, you’ll surely find an opportunity for you.

Be qualified.
Make sure that you understand the qualifications or the requirements for the job. Do advance research as to the possible tasks you can be assigned to do. Get to know the company’s background. Highlight your positive points especially if you have had experience on the job.

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