Tips on Writing a Cover Letter that Stands Out

The cover letter accompanies the resume and it is the very first thing that a potential employer will see when he/she opens your application envelope. Obviously, how your cover letter is presented plays a big role in getting a schedule for an interview.

Why Write a Cover Letter

Is it really necessary to include a cover letter? The answer is, yes. According Human Resources specialists, the cover letter is the document that persuades a prospective employer to check the applicant’s resume and consider the applicant for a job interview.  

A poorly written cover letter can immediately get your application rejected. The smallest error in your cover letter can give out a bad impression. On the contrary, a good cover letter immediately builds up your image as the ideal candidate for the job.

How to Write an Impressive Cover Letter

A good cover letter is one that grabs attention. This is where you want to arouse the interest of the boss. You want them to think that you are worth their time checking out. And you can achieve this by stating your strongest skills and qualifications.

Nevertheless, it does not need to be too lengthy or elaborate. Include only the most important details in your letter. State the position you are applying for, your qualifications and your strong desire to be part of the company. The last part of your letter should state how you can be reached.

Never start your salutation with “To whom it may concern”, “Dear Sir/Madam” and other general greetings. Be sure to address the hiring officer by the name. Be sure to use the appropriate title or position of the officer. If the name of the hiring personnel is not mentioned on the job ad, do extra research to know that.

Remember to check your letter for errors before submitting it to companies.
If you are submitting applications to several companies, never submit a photocopy of your cover letter or resume. Always submit the original print and make sure that it’s clean, unfolded and presentable.

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