Top 5 Part Time Jobs For Teens

Teenagers have a wide variety of opportunities waiting for them in the job market. Yes, even during recession, these top part time 5 jobs are always available especially for young people who want to make a living on their own.

Retail Store Attendant. Boutiques and department stores are often on the look-out for additional workers such as store attendant, clerk, crew or window display artists.  Take a stroll around your community and see for possible openings. Some local shops do not advertise their job vacancies in newspapers or online. Don’t be afraid to walk in and ask if they are hiring or if they will be hiring in the coming months.

Food Service Crew. Restaurants, especially fast food chains and kiosks are always packed with customers regardless of the economic slump. These food places will never run out of people. Waiting tables or helping out in the restaurant kitchen is a wonderful training to build up your confidence, improve your ability to deal with all kinds of people and get firsthand experience in working with a team.

Government jobs. Don’t forget to inquire from your local government office for job openings that are especially offered for teens and students such as life guarding, museum guide, youth league coach, youth camp instructors, librarian, etc.

Summer Camp Counselor. Summer is the time for camps and many schools are looking for counselors and assistants to help out teachers in supervising students. Why not visit your old elementary school and apply as a counselor?

Offline or Online Tutoring. If you are good in a particular academic subject, if you know how to speak another language, or if you know how to play musical instruments, you can scout for available tutoring jobs in both offline and online classified ads.

If you are taking up a course in education or a related field in college, having firsthand teaching experiences will surely make your resume a lot more impressive in the eyes of employers. It gives you the perfect opportunity to practice what you learn, gain valuable experience and earn income at the same time.

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