Use Your Student Job Experience to Enhance Your Resume

If you are a college student, taking in part time jobs during school breaks is another great way to prepare yourself for the future. Yes, those hourly work you do working in your local deli, boutique or department store can enhance your resume. But how? By using effective job descriptions and including the right details.

In this article, let’s discuss some examples and tips on how to make your part-time job experiences an essential part of your resume:

Creating Effective Job Descriptions

The key to writing effective job descriptions is highlighting your transferable skills or the skills that you take on with you even after your college graduation.  These are experiences that make you a more productive employee.

Examples are your ability to communicate both in verbal and writing, your ability to deal with people, your sense of initiative, creativity, ability to be trained and work with a team, ability to solve problems, etc. These are what potential employers look for when hiring personnel.  You learn and develop these skills by acquiring part time jobs while still in school.

For instance, have you worked as a waiter in a fast food chain or a restaurant in your community? Do you have experience in working as a sales man/lady in a department store?  Have you worked as a clerk or sales representative in a boutique? When describing your tasks for these jobs, don’t just say that you waited tables, helped customers or organized stocks. The better approach is to highlight the accomplishments you’ve made while working for the company.

Have you been promoted or have you been given more responsibilities because of your impressive work performance? Even if you have not been promoted to a higher position, what were your positive contributions for the company during your stint as a waiter, sales rep or clerk? How has that particular job played a part in your personal growth?

A great job description may say that, “Working as waiter for this restaurant or store has helped me enhance my communication skills, particularly in dealing with customer complaints and inquiries. After only a month, the manager put me in charge of the front desk reservations because of my impressive performance.

Impress A Potential Employer

Aside from part time jobs, don’t forget to include any volunteering work you’ve done for an organization or for the community. Emphasize on what the experience has done for you and how it has equipped you with better skills and knowledge. If you focus on your accomplishments, the hiring officer will see your strong potential if you get hired to be part of their team. Yes, regardless of how short or how low-paying the job is, you can use it to make your resume a more impressive one.

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