How to Find Your First Job After College

Each year, thousands of young graduates submit their resumes to different companies in the hopes of getting hired. Are you awaiting a call for an interview from a prospective employer? Have you been waiting for a longer time than you expected? Are you starting to feel frustrated with your job search?

Don’t let an unfruitful search bring you down. Here are practical tips on how to find your first job after college:

Do research about the company. Before applying for the job, do some research about the company and the available position. Knowing the company’s background will help you in creating a cover letter and resume that stands out.

Submit a professional resume and cover letter. A well-present resume and cover letter are two basic essentials for a job hunt. Do not submit your resume without a cover letter or have it the other way around.

See to it that all the information you provided are true and correct. Check for possible typos or grammatical errors. Remember that even the simplest error can send out a negative impression to a potential employer.

Highlight your experiences and accomplishments. Include whatever part time job you have had while you were in college, focusing on your achievements. Don’t forget to include your volunteer experiences.  What positive contributions were you able to share? Keep in mind that employers are most interested on what you can do for their company.

Seek out endorsements. Ask for possible referrals from the school you graduated from. They may be able to give recommendations as to where you can find job openings. You can also try out recruitment agencies in your local community or State.

Do walk-ins. Smaller companies may not always advertise about their job openings. Use a business directory to search for office addresses and be prepared for an instant interview as you submit your application.

Do follow ups. A great number of fresh grads scout the job market every day so expect tough competition. If you do not receive a call from the company you submitted application to, do follow ups. Instead of just waiting to be called, call up the Human Resources department and ask about the status of your application. This shows your genuine interest and enthusiasm to be hired.

Be persistent. Even though a month or two has passed without any call from your target company, it is a good idea to re-apply or resubmit your application. Do not be disheartened just because you didn’t make it on your first try. A potential employer may see your persistence and motivation – two important qualities that company owners seek from an employee.

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