How to Get the Raise You Deserve

If you are presently employed, you might be looking for a chance to get an increase in your pay, particularly if you have been with the company for a considerable length of time.  You might be thinking about speaking with your employer or manager regarding your compensation.  What can you do to improve your chances of getting the raise you deserve?

Weigh Your Job Performance

Before discussing salary issues with your employer, it’s very important to conduct your personal assessment with your performance.  Be objective.  Do you really have a valid reason or do you really think that you are much deserving of a raise?

There are different reasons why an employee makes the request for a salary increase.  For instance, you might have been with the company for at least a year or a few years and you would like to be compensated accordingly based on your performance.

Perhaps you have a co-worker who has resigned with the company and you are left filling in to some of the tasks they used to do while your company is searching for a replacement.  If you have been given additional workload and you are still receiving the same pay, then you certainly have the right to voice out your concerns.

It is also possible that the industry rate for your position is higher than what your company pays you.  True enough, you should not hesitate to speak up especially when you do feel that you are much deserving of a higher compensation.

Once you have evaluated your position and are ready to speak the matter with your manager or boss, applying the following tips should be able to help you get a positive response from your superior:

Schedule an appointment. Discussing a raise with your boss at the wrong time can be unsuccessful.  You may want to wait until the perfect opportunity is presented before scheduling an appointment.  For example, if your boss is happy about your most recent contributions to the company, then your chances of getting that raise should be stronger.Get the Raise You Deserve

Don’t be bitter. Even if you feel like you have not been getting the raise you deserve for quite some time, don’t speak bitterly about the matter.  Instead, focus on the positive things.  Tell your boss why you deserve an increase in pay and how you have been able to help the company through your dedication and hard work.  Instead of saying “I feel like I deserve a raise”, use words like “I am confident” or “I think I am worthy of a salary increase”.

Be specific. When asking for a raise, you need to show your boss that you know what you want.  Don’t just say that you want a raise.  Say exactly how much you want.  You may say that you want a 10% increase in your salary or a 15% raise.

Negotiate. If your employer tells you that the company can’t afford to give you the raise you want at the moment, you can ask for non-monetary privileges instead such as additional days of paid vacation, extra days off from work, an increased contribution with your retirement fund, etc.

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