Job Interview Techniques for Beginners

The result of job interviews play a big part in deciding whether an applicant should be hired or not. Job interviews are conducted to evaluate the applicant’s personal appearance, how well they answer each question and how they react to certain situations. If you have never gone on a job interview before and is scheduled to go to one soon, here are job interview techniques that will help them do well on the day of the interview:

  • Research about the company

Job interviews are like big exams. You have to prepare days before to make sure that you do well. A good job interview technique is to research about the company you are applying for and learn about their services and how you can be an asset to the company. It will be a big disappointment for the interviewer if you couldn’t answer a simple question about their company.

  • Customize your resume

Most first time job interviewers don’t have a good resume to present but this shouldn’t hinder them in making an impressive resume. When creating your resume, a good job interviews technique is to consider your skills and expertise that you think the company will need. But avoid exaggerating any information in your resume as these can be easily detected by your interviewer.

  • Answer questions aptly

The way you answer the questions asked is also important. A good job interview technique is to take your time to understand each question and make sure you answer them correctly. Most applicants tend to answer questions without fully understanding what the question is about. They end up giving an answer totally unrelated to the question and can gravely affect the result of their job interview.

  • Take note of the most common questions

One of the most important job interview techniques that you should do is to take note of the most common questions asked in job interviews and study them. Most beginners are applying for entry level positions so expect to be asked with the most common questions for fresh grads or first time applicants.

  • Don’t be late

It is very important that you arrive on time or earlier on your job interview. Arriving on time is a great job interview technique that most applicants neglect. Why would a company hire an entry level applicant when he couldn’t even make it on time for his job interview? If you really want to impress your interviewer, arrive at least 10 minutes earlier so you will have time to do some touch ups and reviews before the interview.

  • Avoid unnecessary actions

It is important that you act professionally in your job interview. Avoid any unnecessary actions such as playing with your tie or pen, or fidgeting.  Do not slouch. You need to talk politely, sit properly and maintain good eye contact.

Job interviews are never easy but what’s important is how well you handle the pressure and come up with a good answer that will impress your job interviewer.

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