The Difference Between Good and Bad Resumes

Is there really such a thing as a good resume and a bad resume?  In order to get hired for a job, you must be able to pass the job interview.  However, in order for you to get called for an interview, you must first submit your resume along with a cover letter. 

Each day, thousands of aspiring applicants submit their resumes to hundreds of different companies in the hopes to get called in for an interview.  HR officers scan through a large pile of resumes looking for potential candidates.  Obviously, if your resume is not impressive, you could miss out on the opportunity to get a job.

So what makes a good resume?  The difference is clearly on how the content is presented.  You may have the right qualifications for the job, but if these qualifications are not explicitly stated in your resume, you can still miss out on the opportunity.  Consider the following tips on how you can submit an impressive resume:

List important items first.  Start with the most relevant section first and the most important details first with every section of your resume.  In a traditional resume, personal details are listed on top followed by the educational background but this is not necessary with every resume.

For instance, if you have a remarkable work experience, then you should definitely start your resume with this section before anything else.  Remember that your main goal is to get the hiring officer’s attention so you can get an interview. If you start your resume with details that does not have much bearing to your application, the interviewer may not finish reading your resume at all.

Use Power Words.  Power words are words that create a vivid imagery and strong impression in a person’s mind. It is very important to choose words that make an impact especially when giving descriptions of your accomplishments, qualities and qualifications.

Using numbers or figures is also a great way to show positive achievements.  For instance, instead of merely stating that you were able to improve your previous company’s sales performance, you can be bolder and state that you were able to bring “30% increase to the sales” as a result of your hard work.

Omit unnecessary items.  Do not put References available on request” at the bottom of your resume.  This statement is completely unnecessary and it will make your resume look outdated.  When listing your education background, you do not need to include high school and elementary information if you have a college degree or a higher degree.

Use a professional email address.  Avoid using email accounts that makes you look unprofessional or immature such as,, and other similar names.

Don’t leave room for error.  Never print out or submit your resume without first checking it for possible errors such as typos, misspelled words or grammatical errors. Keep in mind that even a single mistake can send a negative impression to the hiring officer reviewing your resume.  A potential employer may think that you lack attention to details – an important attribute which can affect your job performance.

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