Stable Job Markets Despite Recession

There is no doubt that recession is here to stay a bit longer. Nevertheless, there are specific industries that are seemed to be just slightly affected by recession. Below are recession-proof careers that you may consider when looking for a job:

Teachers. Do you have a passion for teaching? A career in education is a promising one. Depending on your expertise, you can teach children, high school, college, or even post-graduate students. Even with the struggling economy, people will still need education to survive.

Health Care Specialists.
Despite recession, the number of people who need health care services continue to increase. You can either apply as a physical therapist, medical assistant, care giver, home health aide, health information technician, pharmacy technician, a nursing aide, etc.

Dentists. People will continue to acquire dental services even with a small budget. Caring for health is a priority and healthy teeth are one important area of health care.

Crime Busters.
Our communities will always need police officers and security experts to keep us safe from criminals. If you have a knack for crime busting, you may consider pursuing this career.

Public Relations Specialists.
Big and small businesses need PR specialists to help them with their marketing. If you love people and have a natural talent in public relations, there is surely a job waiting for you.

Fast-food Workers. No matter how hard it is to earn money, people will never stop to eat especially at fast food chains. Don’t forget to check out your local deli for a part time or full time job. You can earn some money working at these food places during school breaks.

Companies – big or small – will always be hiring professional accountants to help organize their bills and taxes.

Auto Mechanics. As long as people drive cars, they will always be a demand for car repair services and tow truck services.

IT Specialists and Network System Engineers.
We are living in a computer age so it’s not a surprise that a career in Information Technology will be lucrative. IT specialists and network system engineers are important workers to help companies keep up with the business and survive recession.

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