Tips on How to Share a Limited Office Space

Many companies have to make do with a small office so that employees must share one room, divided into cubicles or work stations.  If you are an employee, what are some things that you must remember when you have to share a limited office space with your co-workers?  Consider the following tips on how you can mingle with your peers and perform your tasks more effectively:

Mind your own business.  In a limited workspace, there might be instances when you can’t help but overhear a conversation from the next table.  If it is a personal matter, you don’t need to pay any attention at office spaces

Never repeat the things you overheard just to have something to talk to with your office mates.  If you want others to respect your personal privacy, you should show the same respect to other people’s personal affairs.

Put it back where you got it. In some offices, certain devices and tools are shared by all the employees.  If you need to use a certain tool, make sure that you return the item to its proper place so that the next person will know where to get it.  Don’t leave it on your desk for the rest of day, not caring whether your workmates might need to use it or not.
Don’t chitchat during work hours. It can be tempting to chat with a workmate seating next to you while you do your tasks.  Nevertheless, if you do not pay attention to what you’re doing, you may not be able to finish your tasks on schedule.  Your performance as well as your co-worker’s output may suffer in quality because both of you are spending more time on small talks.

If you want to be regarded as a valuable employee, you should always give your best in everything you do.  If you are being paid to work for eight hours a day, five days a week, see to it that you render quality service to your employer.

Be considerate. Respect other’s space by keeping your voice on an acceptable level.  Keep in mind that if you speak too loud, you could be interrupting someone else’s conversation from the next time.  Your workmate might have a difficult time focusing on his/her own tasks if you are too loud.

If you would like to play some music as you work, use earphones.  Your workmates may prefer to work without music in the background or may not like the same type of music that you enjoy.  Consideration and respect are two important attributes that will help you survive in a constricted environment.

Don’t ask questions when your workmate is busy or engaged in a conversation.  If you need to speak with your co-worker, make sure that you are not interrupting an important activity, unless it is an urgent matter.

Wearing a very strong perfume is discouraged as your workmates may find the smell repulsive to their senses.  Since individuals have different preferences, you can show your consideration by not doing things that can offend others.


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