What You Should Say in the Job Interview

Showing up for the job interview can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if you are applying for your first job.  Indeed, preparation is important to ensure that you will be making a great impression to the hiring officer.  Saying the wrong things can cause rejection.  On the other hand, knowing exactly what to say during the interview can win you positive points to a potential employer.

On this post, take a look at some of the things that you should say to your interviewer:

1. I have done my research about your company. Telling the hiring officer that you have done your homework to know more about the company shows your genuine interest in the job and your initiative to learn.  But don’t just say it.  Make sure that you have really done your research as the hiring officer may ask follow-up questions to see how well you know the company.

Where to do look for information?  Check out the company’s website and find out its mission and vision, the founders behind the company, as well as the products and services that it offers.  If the company has made recent changes or development, you should be well aware of them as well.

2. I am flexible and work well with a team. Hiring officers are looking for potential candidates who are a pleasure to work with. When asked if you are a team player, don’t just say yes.  Don’t be afraid to emphasize this fact by saying this statement.  Be sure that you can site an example or an experience that shows how cooperative and helpful you are as part of a team.  If you have never been hired for a job, you can talk about past school projects or on-the-job training experiences.

3. I am an optimistic person. Employers are looking for workers who have a positive outlook.  Optimistic people see problems as a challenge, not an obstacle. Instead of complaining, they find a way to get over the challenge.
Aside from saying that you are an optimistic person, show it!  Never say anything bad against your previous employers or the past companies you’ve worked for.  Even if the negative things are true, you should not speak about it with a potential employer.  Bad mouthing your past employer makes you a back-talker in the eyes of the hiring officer, which is obviously not a good attitude.

4. I am determined to succeed.  What you lack in experience, you can make up with motivation.  Since this will be your first job, you may not have the experience like other job seekers.  However, you can say that you are a highly motivated person and this drive to be good is what helps you to succeed in your endeavours.

5. My personal goal is to enhance my skills and experience in this field.  Employers are looking for people who have a potential to grow with their company.  This statement shows that you are really serious about getting hired for the job and that you intend to do your best to stay with the company for a long term.

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