Work Etiquette for Professionals

What is work etiquette?  In summary, work etiquette pertains to proper behaviour applicable to professional dealings or business relationships.  The specific rules may vary depending on the work setting.  Customs or traditions of different countries can also influence work etiquette.  Nevertheless, there are general rules that everyone must remember.

Check out this list of do’s and don’ts when in the work place:

Do smile and be positive.  Nobody wants to work with anyone who frowns all day.  You don’t want to walk around the office wearing a sad face.  How you feel and act can significantly affect the mood of others.  If you smile to the people you meet, greet everyone a good day, and exude positivity, then others will be able to feel and adapt your positive energy as well.

work etiquette for professionalsDo respect others.  Being respectful isn’t just about showing courtesy.  You may constantly greet your co-workers with a happy face, but if you talk negative things about them when they’re not present, then obviously, you are not showing respect at all.  Respect is not demanded, it is earned.  Other people will respect you more easily if you know how to show respect as well.

Do keep your voice at a suitable level.  Although you want to speak clearly and audibly, you do not want to disrupt others with a loud, obnoxious voice.  This is especially true in work settings where employees stay in one room at separate cubicles.  You do not your voice to be too loud that your co-workers lose their focus with what they’re doing.

Do lend a helping hand.  Don’t be selfish.  When a co-worker needs assistance and you know that you can be of help, don’t hesitate to volunteer.  Being nice and helpful will surely win your colleague’s hearts and will not be left unnoticed by your superiors.

Do dress appropriately.  True, we all have the right to express ourselves through our dressing.  However, when in the work place, you should not just value your personal opinion but respect other people’s opinions as well.

Do use work time productively.  You are being paid to your job so don’t try to escape your duties or pass off the minutes chatting with your workmates or attending to your personal affairs.

Do avoid gossip.  Don’t talk negative things against others and don’t entertain gossipers.  Gossiping is a pure waste of time.  It’s not good for others and it does not benefit you as well.

Do arrive on time. Being punctual is a basic work etiquette that some people tend to overlook.  But if you are frequently or occasionally late in coming to work, it will surely send a negative impression to your colleagues and superiors.  If you continue this practice, you may not have to come to the same work place much longer.

Do not brag.  Nobody wants to be with an egotistical person who constantly talks about himself.  Even if you can perform your job better than others or even if you have achievements to brag about, it’s best to be modest and let others appreciate your triumphs.

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