How To Get Hired with No Job Experience

Looking for work in this economy is hard. Looking for work with no job experience is even harder!   But what if you’re a fresh grad with no job experience? How can you improve your chances of getting hired? Consider the following tips:

Search for entry level job opportunities online. Aside from newspapers, you should also use the internet to widen out your search. Many companies advertise job openings online so you should be able to find more employers that do not require experience.

Join Social Groups And Be Memorable. Recently I meet a young man at a meetup business group event. He gave out his business card resume- which got people talking about how it was the first time they had seen one. He was a recent grad and had a degree in marketing. He asked everyone he met for a card and then followed up the next day by sending a personalized email detailing what he could do for your business and asking for the opportunity to work for a week and if we didn’t see his value, we should feel free to fire him. What made him memorable was that he also talked about visiting our website, what he would do differently and even made some recommendations about our business card.

Be Open To Internship / Volunteer Opportunities: Yes, these opportunities mean you are working for free, but keep in mind you are gaining experience. You are also making contacts in the field that you want to work in! Lots of times these internships can lead to an employment opportunity.

Be positive. Having a positive outlook can make a big difference in how you handle yourself during an interview. Despite not having work experience, you should recognize qualities that make you a qualified candidate. A lot of employers are willing to hire fresh graduates who have good communication skills, initiative to learn and the right work attitude.

Be Proactive. In the beginning, you may need to offer your services for free. This is a smart way to build up work experience. Create your own internship opportunities by contacting a company and offering your services. You may even get the chance to be hired into the company if you show an impressive performance.

Get a part time job while in college. You don’t really need to wait until you have graduated before looking for employment. While in college, you can start looking for companies who are looking for on-the-job trainee students. The employer may offer to give you an allowance in exchange for your time and service. After your graduation, the company may decide to hire you permanently especially if you’ve proven to be an asset.

Answer interview questions confidently. Submitting a resume is only the first step. If you get called in for an interview, you can enhance your chances of getting hired if you can answer the questions with confidence. Employers are not necessarily looking for the perfect applicant. Instead, employers are looking for people they can trust and who can assist them in their company’s growth. This should be clear with the way you answer the interviewer’s questions.

You can search the internet for possible job interview questions which are related to the position you are applying for. Be prepared to do panel interviews as well. Some employers require their applicants to go through different stages of the interview process to see how well they can handle the pressure. You can build up your confidence through practice. Do mock job interview sessions with a friend or a family member so you can practice responding to questions out loud.

Don’t try to hide the truth or lie about your professional background just to get hired. This will only get you into serious trouble later on. Instead of trying to cover up your lack of experience, be honest but let the potential employer know why you deserve the chance to be hired.

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