How To Make A Resume that Makes a Positive Impact

Although getting hired for a job does not entirely depend on the quality of your resume, it is still important to submit a proper resume.  You don’t want to lose a possible job opportunity just because the resume you submitted was poorly-prepared or contains errors.  Check out these tips on how to make a resume that makes a positive impact to a potential employer:

Use specific keywords. If you are going to submit your resume online or through e-mail, it is very important you use the right target keywords.  Online job resumes are scanned based on keywords so if the keywords you use don’t match, your file may not be found by potential employers.  Instead of using generic terms, use specific descriptions that match with your desired position.  Furthermore, include as many keywords as you possible can making sure that it is relevant to your field of expertise.

Make it readable.  Some job seekers may use elaborate font styles but this is not recommended because it might make the resume difficult to read.  Generally, the font styles most widely used in written business communications are Times New Roman and Arial, because it is simple and readable.  Font size must be at least 10 to 12 points to make it easy on the eyes.

Include sample works.  If you are applying for a position that involves creative skills, it is best that you include sample works with your resume.  If applicable, you may include the URL of the website where your creations can be found.

Send through registered mail.  If you need to send your resume through post mail, be sure to use First Class postage to make sure that your mail will reach the intended recipient and not get lost along the way.

Focus on your strengths. Your resume must show off your best skills, your accomplishments, and your strongest points.  If you lack experience, then do not begin your resume with the Employment History segment.  Instead, find an aspect where you can sell yourself.  For instance, you may focus on your achievements while you are in school, the seminars you have attended, and the trainings you have completed.How To Make A Resume that Makes a Positive Impact

Use a cover letter.  Regardless of how you plan to submit your resume- whether online or through post mail, you should always include a cover letter.  The cover letter or job application letter serves as your formal introduction as you invite a potential employer to take a closer look at the next document – your resume.  The cover letter can be three to four paragraphs in length but not more than that.  Keep in mind that the purpose of the application letter is to introduce yourself, your purpose and how you learned about the job opening.

Use bulleted lists.  A bulleted list is a great way to enumerate your responsibilities with your previous job, your accomplishments, and skills.  A list is much better to use than a paragraph because you can emphasize on the most important keywords.  The hiring officer can also quickly scan your list and already get an idea about what you can contribute for the company.

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  1. Good information for me. Your post was helpful. The resume is an instrument to promote your skills and experiences, whose goal is to make you stand out and gain you an interview. A well written resume is the best way to make your application stand out among the rest.

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