Tips on Creating an Effective Resume for Teens

If you are still in school, perhaps you may think that looking for work is a lot more difficult since you can only include part time job experiences in your resume. However, just because you have never been a full-time employee doesn’t mean you cannot present a good employment history.

Consider the following tips on creating a resume that will surely help you land a job:

Focus on Your Positive Achievements.
No matter how short your part-time job experiences were, they are still important to help employers see your potential as a worker for their company. Even if you only spent 6 months or 2 months working in a local deli, boutique or department store, you should include them all in your resume.

The key to making it work is to focus on your achievements or accomplishments during your stint as part time or contractual employee. It’s all about using the right job descriptions. Instead of merely describing your daily tasks, describe how you successfully take on the tasks that have been assigned to you.

For example, if you were waited tables in local restaurant, your job description may say, “Because of my good communication skills and excellent ability to deal with different people, I was promoted to the Customer Reservations desk after only a month of working as waiter.”

Even if you have not been promoted to a higher position, you can highlight on the things you learned from your job experience. For example, you may say that, “Working at this boutique for 6 months has greatly enhanced my communication skills and my confidence in dealing with customer queries or complaints more effectively.”

Highlight your best points.
Why do you think you deserve to be hired? What particular qualities do you think you have that makes you the ideal candidate for the job? You want to emphasize at least five or six of your best skills by creating one-liners that describe how you were able to show them from your previous jobs.

Build up your image.
Include other trainings, seminars or workshops that you have completed. Despite not having a college diploma yet, you can build up your image using other credentials. The hiring officer will surely appreciate the fact that you are taking every available opportunity to improve yourself apart from pursuing a college degree.

A student who consistently attends workshops or short courses to enhance his/her skills and knowledge instantly sends out the impression of being responsible, industrious, mature and eager to learn. These exact characteristics are what every employer is looking for from a job applicant.

Be specific with your job objective. One common mistake in defining the job objective is to say that you are interested in any available position. Such a vague statement may be regarded by an employer as indecisiveness or lack of confidence in your qualifications. When writing your objective, it is best to state the exact position that you want to be hired for.

Keep it short. As much as possible, keep your resume to one page. If you have a lot significant work history to include, then you can use two pages at the most.

Use the first page for your Job Objective, Skills, Accomplishments and Most Recent Job Experiences.
Be sure to write “continued on the second page” at the end of the first page. Don’t forget to write your Full Name on top of the second page.

Last but not the least, proofread your resume before submitting it to the company.
If you are applying for more than one company, always send the original printed resume to each company.  Never send photocopies.

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