Important Checklist Before Submitting Your Resume

Submitting a proper resume is the first important step when applying for a job. A poorly presented resume immediately sends out a negative impression to a potential employer.

To be sure that you will be called for an interview, below is a list of essential points you must check on before printing your resume:

Typographical Errors. Is the company’s name spelled correctly?  Be sure that your resume does not contain even a single error. Even if you know the correct spelling of the words, there is always a chance that you may have typed it incorrectly.

Leave some white space. Yes, you do want to keep all information on one page but you don’t want to make your document look cluttered. Leave enough space on each line for easier reading.  Skip one line after every paragraph and two lines after each section.

Use easily readable font. Don’t make your font too small and avoid stylish fonts as it will be difficult for the hiring officer to read them.

Use quality paper.
Using a smooth and spotless paper adds elegance to your resume. On the contrary, a low quality paper can make your document look dirty and unpresentable.

Avoid using complicated words. In giving descriptions, it’s best to use simple words rather than complicated ones. Avoid using multi-syllable words unless you cannot find a more appropriate term.

Use one-liners in your description. Maximize space by using one-liners with strong adjectives to express what your want to say.

Never submit a photocopy. Always send an original print to each company you are applying for.

The most important details must come first. Your job objectives, skills and best accomplishments must come first before the secondary information such as Education, Personal details and References.

Check the accuracy of your information. Pay special attention to small details such as the year you started work and finished your contract. When the hiring officer asks you during the interview, you want to make sure that your answers will be the same as the details in your resume.

Always include a cover letter. It is unprofessional to send a resume without a cover letter. A cover letter is a short introductory letter which speaks your purpose and invites a prospective employer to consider your resume.

Leave out irrelevant details. Don’t make your resume longer than necessary. Information that should not be included in your resume are height, weight, Social Security Number, parent’s and spouse’s names, expected salary, high school or K-12 education, unless you are not a college graduate.

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