Empower Your Resume with these 10 Tips

If you plan to search for employment any time, consider these ten useful tips on how you can empower your resume.

1. Show, don’t tell. Do not just enumerate your skills and abilities, prove them.  Making one long list of positive characteristics is easy. Anyone can make up positive words to describe themselves.  However, you want to make it believable.  The best way to convince a potential employer that you are the right person for the job is to show your qualifications through your experiences.

If you used to work for a company, you should include specific accomplishments from your previous employer.  Did you lead a team to complete different projects? If yes, how were you able to use your skills and abilities to lead your team efficiently?  What were the results you accomplished?

By showing the actual results, it would be easier for a hiring officer reviewing your resume to see what you can do or what you can contribute to the company.

2. Use the right keywords. If you are going to use the internet in searching for employment, be sure that you include the right keywords to make your resume visible.  Employers use specific keywords to find potential candidates, and if you’re not using the right words or phrases, your resume can get lost in the database.

3. Be specific. Whether you are creating titles or descriptions, it’s very important to use specific terms in your resume.  A common mistake that job seekers make is giving general descriptions and this should be avoided.  Do not leave your hiring officer guessing. You want to be straight-to-the-point and clear.

4. Use bullet points. To enumerate points, use a bulleted list format instead of the paragraph format. By using bullet points, unnecessary words can be omitted. It would be much easier for the hiring officer to scan your resume and see that you have what it takes to do the job.

5. Proofread your resume. It’s very important to make sure that your resume is free from errors.  Observe proper use capitalization and punctuation marks.  Make sure that all words are spelled correctly. Even a single typographical error is not tolerable because it creates the impression that you did not take the time to check every detail in your resume.

6. Prioritize details. Instead of following the traditional format, present the most important information in your resume first.  If your work experience isn’t that great, don’t put that section at the top. You should always start with the most impressive facts.

7. Make it readable. See to it that the font style and size you’re using will be easily readable.  Stay away from decorative font styles that make it difficult to decipher words.

8. Avoid irrelevant details. Sure, you want your resume to be complete but you don’t want to include irrelevant words or information just which can make your document longer than it should be.

9. Emphasize your accomplishments not duties. Stating your accomplishments or the result of your efforts is more effective than simply enumerating your duties.

10. Describe your achievements in figures. When appropriate, use quantifying terms, such as percentage or numbers to define your achievements.  For example, instead of merely stating that you were able to improve the company’s sales performance, you should include the exact percentage of increase you contributed.

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