How to Find the Right Job Online

Job seekers today can look for opportunities, not just in newspapers and magazines, but from the internet as well.  In fact, many college grads have successfully landed in their dream jobs without ever doing a live interview! Or sending their resume through postmail.  They were able to get hired simply by posting their resume online or sending their resume through email.

Are you looking for a job too?  If yes, have you tried using the internet to search for a job?  How can you take advantage of the internet to land on your dream job?  Consider the following tips:

Check out online classified ads.  A lot of companies advertise job openings through online classified ads.  This is because a lot of job listing sites offer their services for free.  Available positions are usually arranged according to location or industry so you can easily find the right opportunity for you.

Expand your online social network.  Do you have Facebook account?  If yes, did you know that you can actually use it to find an available job?  Expand your network of personal and professional contacts.  Someone you know or a friend of someone you know might know a job opening or give you a recommendation.

Create an account on Linked-in.  Linked-in is a social networking website which is great for professional networking.  Through Linked-in, you create your portfolio online where you can actually post your job history, accomplishments, and samples of your work.

Thousands of potential employers today use this website to check a potential candidate’s background and credentials.  In fact, employment experts advise job seekers to include a link to their Linked-in profile on their resume.  Make sure that you type the correct URL and check if the address is working properly. Instead of linking the word, type the full URL or address of the web page. This way, a potential employer can evaluate work samples quickly and conveniently.

Post an impressive resume online.  If you’re going to advertise your resume on the internet, make sure that anyone who will see it will be impressed.  You want to highlight your best skills and strongest qualities on your resume.  There’s no need to include details that are irrelevant to your field or industry.  Make your resume concise and don’t forget to proofread to be sure that there are no grammatical or typographical errors.

Use a professional email account.  It is recommended that you create a separate email account that you can use exclusively for work or professional correspondences.  Avoid using account names that sound unprofessional such as,,, etc.  Ideally, you should use your first and last name in your email account.

Check your email daily.  After submitting your resume online to different companies, see to it that you check your email account every day to make sure that you won’t miss an opportunity.  A potential employer may respond to your application on the same day or on the next day after you submitted your resume and if you wait for another week, the position may already be taken by someone else.

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  2. Andrew, question I have heard so much of all these jobboards etc careerbuilder.
    I first began to research them and apply when I had returned to college the first time in 1990-1993 then returned again to college 2004-2007 “community college” all total 6 yrs. The local employers well they have never upgraded my pay nor recognized the efforts in any way. I am on 11+ staffing agencies locally and 35 job boards indeed all the host army of “employment databases.” I do not have an executive resume. Never have I received 1 job from these efforts it has always been via walking in physical application then followup phone call that got an invitation to employment. I actually only last year received my first phone call from one of these job boards it was for a pizza delivery job making $4.25/hr in a city an hour away. Now the standard protocol is every employer almost says no resume in person only online with the other 5 million applicants. Suggestions?

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