Get That Dream Job Despite Lack of Skills and Experience

If you want to be part of a specific industry but do not have the skills or the experience required to get hired for the top positions, don’t be afraid to start from the bottom and work your way up the ladder of success!

Indeed, many successful professionals in various fields of industries started from the sidelines.  Take for instance the experience of Mr. Eric Doyne. His ambition is to excel in the field of bicycle racing.  Although he did not realize his dream of becoming a professional athlete, he was still able to find success in the field that is passionate about, only in a different position.

Eric Doyne graduated with a degree in journalism and today, he is the owner of a small public-relations firm that handles publicity for manufacturing companies and merchants that sell bicycles and other sports gear.  Not only does he get to mingle with professional athletes and the top names in the world of sports, he also enjoys perks and privileges from these leading bike and sporting goods merchants.

If your efforts to get hired for a specific position seem to be unfruitful, don’t lose hope and don’t give up.  Instead, be optimistic!  There might be a different door of opportunity that’s open for you in the exact industry you love to be part of.

Do you want to be work in a fashion industry?  If so, look for job opportunities at clothing shops, fashion consulting firms, modelling agencies, etc.  You may not initially get the position you want or get hired by the company you prefer but you can use a recent job opening as a stepping stone towards your dream job.

If you’re really passionate about something, it should not be difficult to exert effort to get to where you want.  Some employers will not take the risk of hiring you if you do not have the required experience.  However, there are employers who are willing to hire fresh grads despite the lack of experience if they show great potential.  Remember, what you lack in a specific area, you can always make up for with your strengths and abilities in other areas.

Don’t stop with dreaming.  Work on enhancing your portfolio.  Attend seminars, conferences, training programs, or be part of volunteer programs in your community.  These experiences will not only look good in your resume, it will also help enhance your skills and knowledge.  Use your passion as your driving force as you work your way up the latter.Get That Dream Job Despite Lack of Skills and Experience

Be constantly on the lookout for opportunities in the job market.  True, there might not be an opening for your dream job at the moment but keep in mind that the doors will not be closed forever.  Every position you get hired for is an occasion for you to improve yourself, not only with regards to the technical aspects of the job but also when it comes to dealing with people in the workplace.  While you wait for better opportunities to come your way, learn from your experiences.

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